15 Jan

Martin Conway (left) and Christopher Llewellyn (right) - Credit: South Wales Police

Two men have been jailed for the burglary of a 78-year-old's house in the Canton area of Cardiff last year following a sentencing at Cardiff Crown Court.

Christopher Llewellyn, 34, broke into the victim's property in the early hours of Monday, 4th September 2023, entering his bedroom whilst he was asleep and taking a debit card.

Llewellyn then ran to the end of the street to give the card to his co-accused Martin Conway, 36, which he used at a nearby cashpoint in order to take £500 from the victim’s account.

Both suspects changed clothes and shoes in an attempt to avoid detection, before using the money to buy alcohol in a nearby garage and leaving in a taxi.

WATCH: CCTV shows both Mr Conway and Mr Llewellyn on the morning of the burglary- Credit: South Wales Police

Both individuals were later charged with burglary and fraud by false representation, sentenced to 30 months' imprisonment each and given a 10-year restraining order against the victim.

South Wales Police thanked the public for their cooperation, saying:

"If it wasn't for the cooperation of local residents with CCTV and private businesses, this case would not have been solved."

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