08 May

Credit: @DCMS/Twitter

On Sunday night (7 May), an impressive drone display lit up Cardiff's skies as part of the Coronation Concert, which was displayed in Roald Dahl Plass on a big screen.

Around 1,000 drones were part of the UK-wide event, with other displays in locations such as Newcastle, Edinburgh and the Eden Project in Cornwall.

Members of the public in the Bay were amazed by the illuminations, which included a Welsh Dragon comprised of an estimated 200 drones.

Speaking the next day to BBC Radio 4, Patrick O'Mahony, founder and director of Skymagic which organised the shows, said:

"It was the biggest single performance across multi sites we've ever done, so to try and co-ordinate it all from one central location in Windsor and trigger three shows all at the same time, all with obviously not rehearsing, giving the game away in advance, it was a quite nerve-wracking but exciting evening really."

He also added:

"The weather was great, which was always a big relief for us, and then each individual site all their fleets went up, came down and we were bang on time across locations which was really wonderful to see.

"We can fly in light rain, if it was very, very heavy rain then that would stop us, the same with very high winds. But normally we can fly in most conditions."

A Welsh Dragon lights up in the skies of Cardiff Bay - Credit: @MrsEteachestech/Twitter

The concert, which was watched by an audience of more than 18 million on TV according to the BBC, took place at Windsor Castle in London, and saw big names including Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Take That perform.

Both the King and Queen Consort were present at the event, along with other members of the royal family, such as the Prince and Princess of Wales, and 20,000 members of the audience.

It also had a cameo from Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy, alongside a surprising recorded message from Hollywood actor Tom Cruise.

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