10 Apr

Credit: @tevosilverfox/Twitter

Visitors to Cardiff's St David's Shopping Centre were left in anger on Saturday (8 April) as major gridlock and congestion in its multi-storey car park caused delays of up to three hours.

Customers of the popular shopping location were later made aware that the issue surrounding the major hold-up was down to the traffic lights outside the car park, which were only allowing cars out very slowly.

St David's said:

"The council controls the traffic lights which are currently only allowing cars out at a trickle. We have asked them to prioritise the car park to allow people to get out, this is ultimately outside of our control. We are doing everything we can."

Many customers who were affected on the day took to social media to express their fury.

One shopper said:

"This is ridiculous trying to get out of St David’s Car Park. On Level 5 and have not moved for 30 minutes. I don’t want to spend my Saturday evening sat in this car park."

After giving up hope on what seemed like endless hours of waiting, many people decided to abandon their cars and venture for food and drinks with children becoming increasingly bored.

In a video posted by @tevosilverfox on Twitter, drivers can be heard beeping their horns in frustration, not wanting to spend part of their Easter weekend stuck in a car park.

The jam was reported to have started at around the time of 2.30pm, and was "fully cleared" at 8pm.

Cardiff Council have not yet commented on the event.

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