07 Apr

On Saturday 1st April in Cardiff Central, constituents came together on Albany Road to show Jo Stevens MP that people are still struggling with their energy bills, and that more needs to be done so that the Energy Bill creates an energy system that’s fair, green and clean.

Volunteers of Greenpeace engaged with passers-by during the campaign, asking them to write messages to Jo Stevens about their experiences with the cost of living crisis.

It total, 22 messages were collected, which will be delivered to her office.

The event was one of more than 80 taking place across the UK this spring as part of the Warm This Winter mass lobby.

Cardiff resident Lionel Jacobson said:

"We’re really disappointed that Jo Stevens MP couldn’t meet us. We collected 22 messages from local people who are struggling with their energy bills, plus 50 more from an event we did at the National Museum of Wales in March.

"It’s only right that our MP should take the time to listen to people's concerns and hear that they want solutions such as home insulation."

Cathays residents Heather and her dog Dotty outside Jo Stevens' office - Credit: Clare James

Lionel added:

"We are asking Jo Stevens to call for the expansion of Government-funded home insulation schemes, heat pump installation, more investment in renewable energy, and further support for vulnerable households with their energy bills.

"The Energy Bill is the opportunity to legislate for this and create an energy system that works for the constituents of Cardiff Central."

The recent Spring Statement failed to commit any new money to keep homes warm, and the Government’s promised 'Green Day' (30th March) did not go as planned.

Because of this, Cardiff Greenpeace volunteers are calling for £5.3bn in cash for home insulation, £14bn of emergency support for households struggling with bills, and £3.3bn to roll out cheap, clean heating in our homes to get the UK off gas once and for all.

They say that we also need to triple renewable energy by 2030, and stop new oil and gas extraction.

"The Energy Bill is the next opportunity to legislate for these measures and build a secure energy future, with cheaper bills and warmer, greener homes."

To see a list of MP's who have signed up to the pledge, CLICK HERE.

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