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Who We Are
At The Cardiff News, we are a dedicated source for all things Cardiff; all the latest happenings and events from across the capital city.

Our passion is primarily to create and maintain a platform with our readers at mind, capturing the essence of this vibrant city and making news from Cardiff easily accessible for everyone.

Our Story
Founded on 8 October, 2022, The Cardiff News was born out of a desire to connect local residents with the ever-evolving place they call home, keeping them up-to-date with news from all parts of the city.

Our service started by posting regular updates and stories on Instagram, where a strong and dedicated base of followers was developed.

Just under 2 months later on December 3, this website was launched, a platform that not only delivers the news, but at the same time also creates a sense of togetherness among our users.

It wasn't long before the website then started growing, with visitor numbers increasing and our dedication to providing engaging and relative content about Cardiff's local news striking a chord with our audience.

Fast-forward to current times, The Cardiff News has expanded to a range of other platforms, with our passion for local news only getting bigger.

Our Goal
At The Cardiff News, our mission is to be more than just a news website. We aim to be a trusted and reliable source of information where a strong commitment to authenticity and accuracy is wholly present, alongside striving to become the go-to platform for all people seeking to connect with the Welsh capital.

Your Engagement Matters
Throughout our website and social media platforms, the way we cherish the engagement of you - our readers - becomes obvious. Through the comment section of our articles and posts, we encourage an exchange of ideas and opinions, therefore allowing voices to be heard.

Join Us
By embarking on this journey with us, you'll explore the dynamic streets of Cardiff by celebrating its people and businesses whilst staying informed of the issues that really matter.

We really appreciate you being part of our service, and may your support long continue to drive us to what we do best.

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